Didier Malherbe

Didier Malherbe





Didier Malherbe : Duduk, alto flute, soprano sax, hulusi

Loy Ehrlich : Hajouj, gumbass, ribab, tanbur

Eric Löhrer : Guitars, lapsteel, banjo

Jean-Luc Di Fraya : Drums, percussions, vocals


Photo Eric Legret
Photo Eric Legret

 At first, Hadouk was a duo with Didier Malherbe and Loy Ehrlich.  Percussionist Steve Shehan was aboard for the first 6 albums. Over the years, they’ve been a duo, a trio, a quartet. The last two Hadouks have been made by a quartet included Didier, Loy, guitarist Eric Löhrer (with whom Didier had already made an album) and percussionist and multi-octave vocalist Jean Luc di Fraya.


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The duo of Didier and Loy Ehrlich (who plays Hajouj, a traditional instrument comparable to a bass, and keyboards) has been expanded to a trio with the addition of percussionist Steve Shehan

Hadouk is now a trio of adventure-seeking multi-instrumentalists who are adroit at freeing both your mind and your body. Exciting, exhilarating, and not to be missed.

As a trio of multi-instrumentalists, the sonic possibilities are endless and exhilarating. There is an enchanting quality so pervasive you may feel like the fourth member of this trio, as Didier leads another magical musical tour into uncharted lands.


'formation de l'année' at Victoires du Jazz 2007

Hadouk bag-word made from :
Hajouj or gumbri, african bass
Doudouk armenian oboe

  Didier Malherbe : doudouk, flûtes, ocarina, saxophone soprano, khen
Loy Ehrlich : hajouj, kora, sanza, gumbass, claviers
Steve Shehan : percussions, archets atmosphériques, hang

more than adds his own touch to the music : one of the pieces is his own composition, he is featured as a soloist on keyboards, and he also did the recording and the mix of the album. And American Steve SHEHAN who also plays with such luminaries as Bob Dylan and Paul Simon, is the perfect counterpoint to his colleagues, performing on a vast array of percussion instruments (djembe, congas, sanza, derbouka, hadgini...), he co-wrote the last title 'Vegetal Groove' Seeing them perform live is a treat. "Shamanimal" is Didier's best album to date, along with "Fluvius". Get it
Aymeric Leroy - "What's Rattlin'